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Overcoming Challenges & Hurdles Facing the Modern Construction Firm

Construction firms face a series of challenges and hurdles. From recruiting specialized talent to reducing project risk reach role in a construction company faces a unique set of challenges. The below infographic provokes a series of questions for each critical role within your organization.

Critical questions facing your construction firm

Hear from Your Peers

As Vanessa Redgrave said, “Ask the right questions if you’re to find the right answers.” Learn more about how your construction firm can go to the next level and see how your peers are overcoming the challenges & hurdles of the construction industry.

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Cloud Computing Takes the Preakness: Dominate the Race with SaaS Construction Software

saas construction softwareAs I watched the Preakness on Saturday and cheered as Cloud Computing overtook Classic Empire (don’t you love horse names?), I couldn’t help but compare the similarities between the horse race and the modern-day decision most construction firms are facing. In horse racing, it rarely pays to be reactive as the field is full of highly competitive top thoroughbreds. The same can be said for highly contested construction bidding where firms seek any advantage to edge out their competition. Let’s examine how outdated business software is keeping your firm at the back of the pack while top construction firms are ditching on-premises solutions in favor of SaaS construction software.

SaaS Construction Software vs. On-Premises

Many business owners are making the move over to cloud computing software from traditional on-premises solutions. But why? As technology has improved, SaaS (Software as a Service) products have become the industry standard for data security, functionality, and ease of use. So, what are the big differences between SaaS Construction Software and on-premises software?

 Speed of Implementation | SaaS products utilize a ready-to-deploy platform which has been optimized for quick deployment. Traditional on-premises solutions require the set-up and maintenance of expensive hardware and software.
Cost of Ownership | Typical SaaS deployments provide a lower cost of entry and reduce the internal resources required to keep things running smoothly over the entire shelf life. On-premises solutions typically entail higher entry and operations costs due to ongoing infrastructure upkeep and support.
• Concentrated Security | SaaS platforms are powered by cloud technology such as Amazon Web Services which handles accreditations, data encryptions, hardware security modules and even physical security – a multitude of factors that contribute to securing your business information. On-premises solutions require your on-site administrator to focus their time and training around deploying specialized software and practices to keep your data secure.
• Unlimited Scalability | Growing firms need to stay cognizant of future IT costs. SaaS solutions can scale up or down with little time or effort, without wasting resources. On-premises solutions require additional server hardware to accommodate for increases in users.
• Compliance with Government Standards | Cloud computing platforms go through rigorous third party audit processes. These third-party audit reports confirm that cloud providers uphold a standard to provide reliable security, confidentiality, processing integrity and privacy principles. Users of on-premises solutions handle the control of their data and systems environment. Administrators of on-premises systems are responsible for the validation and compliance with government standards.

World-Class SaaS Construction Software: See it in Action

It’s time your firm started spending more time in the winner’s circle! See how best-in-class SaaS construction software can help you sweep the competition and win the next big project!

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Lessons from the Atlanta I-85 Bridge Collapse: The Value of Construction Project Management Software

How the Atlanta i85 bridge collapsed proved the value of construction project management softwareAs the I-85 bridge in Atlanta, GA reopens this week we can’t help but reflect on how the contractor was able to go above and beyond to complete this complex project.  Atlanta ranks as the 8th most congested city in the world, making the collapse of one of the City’s primary corridors a crisis situation. The importance of selecting a contractor with the right construction project management software in place to manage and complete this job ahead of schedule was apparent in the incentives offered by the Georgia Department of Transportation (DOT).

Eliminating the Guess Work with Construction Project Management Software

When Georgia DOT announced that highway contractor C.W. Matthews Contracting Co. Inc. could earn up to $3.1 million in performance-based incentives for the I-85 project completion, no one believed that the milestones were attainable. How could any contractor tackle such a massive project within such a short time frame? By deploying world-class construction project management software to streamline every step of the project! Project management becomes less herding cats and more enabling professionals when utilizing the following functionality:

Success Through Collaboration | Most construction jobs require complex coordination between multiple groups and teams. Help everyone work better together with communication and collaboration tools. Complete construction project management tools provide a dashboard that gives you the ability to put real-time, important information in front of everyone on your project team. This level of visibility gives your entire team vital project measurements such as Work in Progress, Cost to Complete, Over/Under Billing and Earned Revenue.

Mobile-Friendly | When dealing with complex construction projects, the work doesn’t come to you – you go to the work! The job site is where profit is won or lost and staying connected is critical. Provide your field staff with the tools needed to record data, stay connected and access vital project information.

Unmatched Ease-of-Use | Running a successful construction business is hard work! Managing your critical business systems shouldn’t be. Your construction project management software should be designed to be as user-friendly as possible – allowing you to spend your time running your business, not figuring out how to run your software.

Active Business Intelligence | Up to date business intelligence is critical when dealing with multiple project stakeholders. To keep your projects on time and within budget you need the ability to access every data element in the system to build customized real-time project reports. Successful firms utilize workflows and alerts to turn passive reporting into actionable plans.

Empowered by the Cloud | Spectrum Construction Software users enjoy the convenience of the cloud without sacrificing security or control. With role-based pricing you pay only for the functionality you need, saving thousands of dollars over the course of each year. Empowered by Spectrum’s fully-integrated web-based document management system you can access your documents and images anywhere in the world at the click of a button.

Position Your Firm for the Next Big Project

Is your firm stuck on an outdated archaic project management system? If so it’s time for you to check out Spectrum Project Management and position yourself to win the next big construction project.

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