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Outdated Construction Software Solutions are Crippling Your Revenue

Just say no to legacy construction software solutions!

Sadly, the state of construction software solutions – until recently – has been an embarrassment. For the past 10 years, traditional construction software vendors have avoided providing a defined product roadmap to their customers.

As an organization, these vendors fear the idea of providing their customers with a long-term picture of the product’s future: Doing so means making a commitment to their customers…. Something no legacy construction software vendor wants to do.

After a decade of working in the AEC space I am no longer surprised to hear the following things from owners, end-users and key stakeholders:

• “I just got my bill increasing my annual support and maintenance, remind me again what I get for this? Some vendors have said they can replace my entire system for what I am paying in just support and maintenance costs…”

• “I don’t feel like they are reinvesting in us, as users. I wonder if they really know how our organization works and the challenges we face?”

• “So, explain to me again how this software will save my construction firm money?”

Construction Software Solutions are Milking Your Pockets

Traditional construction software vendors are being pressured by their investment partners to devote their resources to sales and marketing – not product development. Their intention is to grab up as much of the market as possible, keep these customers around for long enough to fund a new solution offering, and then turn around and sell the new solution offering back to their customer base. Imagine paying to lease a Ferrari, but only receiving a broken-down Yugo…

Rather than relying on innovation and value to build their business, these publishers rely on their brand recognition from decades of working in the construction market. In my opinion, once a software vendor relies upon their name recognition vs. their value proposition, I know that the vendor belongs in a museum; not as part of my long-term growth plan.

Bottom line, construction software vendors have buried their collective “heads in the sand” and are not willing to accept the brutal reality that selling overly complex solutions, software licenses and milking recurring revenue is a dead business model for the AEC market.

That’s why we are doing something about it…

We Partner with Construction Firms, NOT Construction Software Vendors

As part of our company ethos, we are committed to helping construction firms find the best solutions for their unique situation. Your firm makes a commitment to the built-world every day and that’s why we are making a commitment back to you.

Join us on October 10th as our panel of experts discuss the total cost of ownership construction firms face with maintaining outdated construction software solutions.

Join the construction tech panel on September 12th!

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Collaborate 2018: Join us on October 15th!

Collaborate 2018: The Construction Industry’s Best User Conference Is Only Getting Better

Connection. Every part of our daily lives benefits from connection. And construction is literally about building connections. So how do we better connect – with each other, with different parts of our company, through our use of technology? That’s the power of connection, and that’s the glue that brings us all to Collaborate 2018.


Experience the Value of Connection

More than 2,000 construction operations, field and technology professionals responsible for billions in revenue, thousands of employees and scores of projects attend Viewpoint’s Collaborate. Get to know your peers.

In 2017, more than 40% of Collaborate attendees were General Contractors, and more than 20% each represented either Heavy Highway or a Specialty Subcontractor. The rest were a sampling of industry associations, exhibitors, partners, Viewpoint employees and other people you want to know better.

By role, nearly 45% of attendees are from Finance & HR roles, 5% Principals & Executives, 15% from Field & Operations, 15% of Project Management roles and, finally, almost 20% with IT-specific roles.

Top 10 Reasons You Should Attend Collaborate 2018

Collaborate 2018 - Top 10 Reasons You Should Attend

Register Today!

Don’t just listen to us, though. More than 50% of our attendees return every year – that’s saying something about the value of this conference. So, what do they have to say?

“I find great value in attending Collaborate each year. The educational sessions provide an opportunity to speak directly with product experts and developers. Viewpoint connects me with other users to discuss how they use the software. I have met people from around the country that I stay connected to throughout the year.”
—Dave Wright, Executive Vice President & CFO, Hunter-Davisson, Inc.

Join Dave and other Viewpoint customers and register for Collaborate 2018 today!

Attend Collaborate 2018 and experience the power of connection!

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Take the Guesstimating Out of Your Construction Job Costing

Does it sometimes feel like your bidding process relies upon guesstimating your costs, from labor to materials? Do any of the following statements sound familiar regarding construction job costing?

  • I hate not knowing the cost to complete a job
  • Our team is struggling with the challenges of tracking time in the field
  • No matter what we do, our jobs simply don’t make money
  • We have too many internal systems

Now, Acumatica Construction Edition eliminates the guesstimating by offering the toolset you need to secure new business with concrete and accurate costing. Construction job costing with the right construction ERP sets you up for increased profitability and customer satisfaction.

Is Your Construction Job Costing, Costing You Jobs?

Check out the below infographic from Acumatica to see how building software helps you efficiently manage every project-related activity from setup, bidding, tasks, and change orders to close-out and warranty service needs. Whether you’re in the office or out in the field, you’re ready to go—even when you’re on the go.

Check out the below infographic to see how Acumatica helps ensure accurate construction job costing

See Why More Contractors are Choosing Acumatica

More contractors are choosing Acumatica than ever before. For example, Texas Scenic Company, Inc. has found success using Acumatica Construction Edition. They were using a legacy construction accounting software when they were introduced to Acumatica. Our construction ERP was exactly what they needed to improve their business insights and efficiency.

“It’s a modern cloud solution that handles our manufacturing, service, distribution, and construction business in one cohesive integrated solution allowing a seamless flow of data,” says Chief Financial Officer Ron Fairchild.

Project management no longer needs to include crossing your fingers. Acumatica Construction Edition is built to help you beat the competition, from the RFI stage to project completion. Learn more about how you can ditch your old legacy system:

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Acumatica, Hands Down the Best Wholesale Distribution Software

Acumatica, is hands down, the best Wholesale Distribution Software solution on the market. Don’t take our word for it, listen to what real customers have to say:


Why are Distributors selecting Acumatica as their distribution management system? Simple, distributors recognize the benefits of Acumatica’s all-inclusive functionality and robust business intelligence, eCommerce, mobility, pricing, and shipping features.

Here are our 6 reasons Acumatica is hands down the best wholesale distribution software:

See why Acumatica is hands down the best warehouse distribution software!Business Intelligence
Manufacturing is more than what happens in your facilities. Consider the suppliers and transportation networks providing the materials you use, and the distributors, retailers, and customers that use the products and create the demand that you fulfill. In Aberdeen’s Manufacturing Operations Benchmark Study**, manufacturers were asked to select their top strategies. The results:

Acumatica’s distribution management suite provides accurate, company-wide inventory data that lets you create proactive, responsive replenishment operations and minimize inventory costs. To stay competitive, distributors need to know:

  • The true availability and cost of the inventory from requisition through shipping
  • On-hand balance in each warehouse and location – in real time
  • Data and analytics on product movement, sales trends, current inventories, and markets
  • Accurate replenishment and distribution management planning
  • Detailed information on lot/serial numbers, shelf life, and expiration

Mobility & Omnichannel
“Omnichannel” support provides the flexibility to support direct customer ordering, distributors, and B2B with a similar customer experience, whether the individual contacts you through desktop browsers, mobile devices, brick-and-mortar stores, or catalog sales. Customers may access your site from multiple locations, at various times and from different devices, while coordinating with other decision-makers during their process of research, comparison, and ordering the products they plan to purchase.

Wholesale Distributors offer multiple prices for the same item based on the quantity of units, completion timeframe, and other discounts. Finding distribution software that gives Distributors the pricing freedom they need is a critical component in their decision- making process. Acumatica is specifically designed with a powerful pricing algorithm; customer specific pricing is simple enough for small business and broad enough for intricate multi-national corporations. Acumatica offers Distributors the pricing flexibility they need.

When shipments are not properly organized, Wholesale Distributors know the resulting consequences can be catastrophic, which is why Wholesale Distributors make accuracy one of their utmost priorities. By cross-referencing with multiple item identifications by individual suppliers and your system, Acumatica is able to improve overall shipping accuracy.

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How Construction Business Intelligence Tools Improve Profit Margins

Advanced construction business intelligence tools are changing the game. See how!Construction Business Intelligence tools are more than just a fancy buzzword — 2018 appears to be the year that these tools take center stage. Business Intelligence (BI) comprises the strategies and technologies used by enterprises for the data analysis of business information. BI technologies provide historical, current and predictive views of business operations. Unfortunately, contractors of all sizes are losing a lot of money because they are not tapping into the critical business analytics available to them. Experts put the potential loss of revenue from failing to leverage this asset in the billions of dollars.

What’s the Disconnect? Why More Firms aren’t Leveraging Construction Business Intelligence Tools..

Better business intelligence, or BI, could improve profits and productivity, but only half of all construction firms are tracking information at all, according to a McGraw-Hill study. This study found that:

  • Only 37% of workers can access information outside the trailer
  • Only 37% use cloud services to share information

Some companies mistakenly think they are leveraging BI because they’re using apps or other stand-alone software. But that technology often serves only to silo data, making it difficult, if not impossible, to access and analyze for actionable insights. Even more firms are stuck in the outdated use of manual data entry, spreadsheets and CSV files, which are more limiting when it comes to sharing and optimizing data. The report found:

  • 49.2% manually enter data
  • 44.7% use spreadsheets
  •  31.9% use CSV files

The bottom line, experts say, is that failure to capture BI with an integrated solution is costing construction firms untold millions in lost productivity. Capturing, sharing and reporting all that data can help contractors better manage cost, risk and collaboration — not to mention increase profits

Five Ways Construction Business Intelligence Tools Improve Profit Margins

Reduce job site error, waste and inefficiencies – all while improving profit margins – with these five benefits of BI:

  1. Achieve a global view of projects past and present:

  • See how accurate past bids have been as well as where the market is headed to make more accurate bids
  • See trends across projects to make strategic business decisions based on actionable insights
  1. Improve efficiency and margins with real-time data:

  • See where problems or bottlenecks are happening and address them immediately, rather than getting information about them weeks later when the problem has eaten into margins
  • Have instant access to metrics, such as payroll, to see whether work is being done on budget and where spend can be reduced
  1. Bring together office and field data with standard reporting:

  • Ensure standardized reporting that is easily viewed on customizable dashboards and reports
  • Get access to data that otherwise might be siloed or unusable
  1. Manage resource (people and equipment) more effectively:

  • Better predict when equipment needs maintenance to avoid breakdowns and job stops
  • Track workers’ licenses, insurance and certifications to know when they expire and better schedule accordingly to ensure enough labor for upcoming projects
  1. Monitor risk more effectively:

  • Keep daily tabs on contract requirements, legal restrictions and safety issues by project and locality
  • Analyze safety incidents with real-time data to see where weak spots are occurring and be more proactive in preventing them rather than reacting to them

See How Your Peers are Utilizing Construction Business Intelligence Tools in Their Day-to-Day Business Life

Southeastern Site Development, a Southeastern regional construction firm, is incorporating advanced reporting and Business Intelligence tools to set the nearly 12-year-old company above its old-school competition. Click below to learn more.

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Find Your Trusted Cloud Computing Consultant / Advisor

Do you have a trusted cloud computing consultant?Do you keep delaying your transition to the cloud? You keep paying maintenance and other costs for an outdated system – it is time to put a stop to the madness! But where do you begin your journey to the cloud? Join millions of other businesses that have partnered with a cloud computing consultant to help you implement the right technology for your organization.

Plan for Success with a Cloud Computing Consultant

You know you need to move your critical business systems off of ancient on-premise technology – you just don’t know where to get started.  No problem! The Strategies Group Team can help assist you to select the optimal solution for your growing firm. Our team members are experts in the technology and understand the requirements. Don’t get locked into a solution until you understand the long-term impact on your firm.

Strategies Group has a proven methodology to help guide you through your Cloud ERP migration:

  • Discover – The Strategies Group team works with key stakeholders to form an ERP implementation team. A kickoff meeting is scheduled to review the project plan and communicate the company objectives for the project. In this phase, Strategies Group consultants review the current process, design/configure/setup new processes, and work with key stakeholders to define the scope, migration strategy and desired schedule.
  • Design– Strategies Group consultants assist the implementation team in designing, configuring and setting up the new system and business processes. Consultants work with key stakeholders to determine the data quality in the existing system to increase the success of the data conversion to the new system.
  • Deploy– In this phase, the Strategies Group team delivers the new system to the customer implementation team and continues to educate the implementation team on the new system and the capabilities of the system. Strategies Group and the implementation team work together to identify issues and process adjustments as needed.
  • Deliver–The Strategies Group team supports the client in the use of their new system. The Strategies Group team is available for ongoing support and training, and are scheduled on-site to support the go-live process for the new system.

Go Beyond a Cloud Computing Consultant and Build the Perfect ERP Project Team

Download this free guide as a building block as you start to build your cloud ERP project team. Like any project, your ERP implementation is going to take a group effort. If you don’t plan appropriately you will find yourself herding cats.

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Warning Signs: Time to Replace Your ERP System

Are you aware of the warning signs indicating when it’s time to replace your ERP system? From product planning, to purchasing, to supply chain strategy, if your ERP isn’t performing the way it should, you will feel the impact in every aspect of your business. So, are you aware of the ERP replacement warning signs? Know when it is time to start your investigation of modern solutions.

When is it Time to Replace Your ERP System?

See the warning signs to know if it is time to replace your ERP system

Get Started and Replace Your ERP System with Confidence

Are you experiencing any of the above warning signs? Luckily, we have a free guide to help you get started on your ERP evaluation journey. Download the Ultimate ERP Starter Guide for a series of considerations that we feel helps determine the success of technology adoption.

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What is the Cloud? A Guide for Growing Firms

What is the cloud and how does it benefit your firm? Find out!Do you ever find yourself asking, 'What is the Cloud?' Don’t get caught up with buzzwords and the web of confusion surrounding the cloud. In order to achieve success in shifting your processes and programs to the cloud, it is critical to understand how the technology will allow for the best results. This blog will help you demystify the benefits of a cloud solution for your business.

The ‘Cloud’ Simplified

What is the Cloud: The ‘cloud’ is a network of computers used to store and process information, rather than a single machine. Leading cloud providers are able to provide better infrastructure and security than on-premise systems. This combination of cost savings and efficiency help make the cloud popular from SMB to Enterprise level IT managers focused on managing stable systems across the organization.

Benefits of the cloud include:

Reduced Costs – Dynamic deployment of the cloud allows IT Managers to deploy the proper resources to employees based on the organization’s needs
Disaster Protection – Your business data is the lifeblood of your organization. Avoid disaster with disaster recovery in the cloud – a strategy that involves storing and maintaining copies of electronic records in the cloud.
Secure Data – Keeping up with the latest security protocols and technologies is a lot of work for an IT department. Cloud providers take a proactive approach to system security. Security is supreme in cloud computing – it is a top-tier consideration at every level.
Mobile Access – Get access to your data anywhere, anytime from any device with the power of the cloud. This virtual collaboration will help connect your teams across the world.

Download the Guide: Benefits of the Cloud for Your Company.

There are many variables and hurdles that you will encounter on your journey to the cloud. See how our team of cloud expert’s affinity with industry-specific solutions can help you meet your technology needs.

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5 Reasons to Attend the Acumatica Summit 2018

This year’s Acumatica Summit will be held in Nashville on January 28 – February 2, in Nashville, TN. 2018 marks the 10-year anniversary for Acumatica and we can’t wait to celebrate. If you are still on the fence about registering for the conference here are five reasons we think you should come and share in the excitement of this event!

5 Can’t Miss Reasons to Attend the Acumatica Summit 2018

  1. Direct Access to Acumatica experts. Connect with Acumatica’s leadership, product and engineering teams to gain valuable insight into future product roadmaps. Dig into products with live demonstrations and Q&A sessions.
  2. Network with your peers. Acumatica Summit 2018 is the perfect opportunity for you to meet with your peers and discuss the latest industry trends. Relax and unwind at the Welcome Reception and get to know other users of the premier cloud ERP solution!
  3. Mix it up with sessions focused on your interests and needs. Take advantage of more learning opportunities than ever before! The Acumatica Summit 2018 will divide the Customer Track into two ways to participate — Education and Roundtables. This year, multiple session will run concurrently, allowing you to move between educational and discussion sessions depending on your interests and needs.The Education sessions will have eight different classes (50 minutes each) covering a variety of customer-specific topics from “Acumatica Productivity Tips and Tricks for New Users” to “Generating More Leads for Your Business Through Websites and Email Campaigns”. The Roundtables will offer four different small group discussions (90 minutes each) where you can network with others in your industry, learn about available resources to help tackle your issues, contribute by suggesting product improvements and share lessons learned.
  4. Connect with the Strategies Group Team! This year Strategies Group is excited to announce that our entire team will be attending Deltek Insight. Drop us a line if you plan on attending and a member of our team would love to meet with you on-site for a cup of coffee and a face-to-face chat!
  5. Enjoy the Acumatica Summit Celebration Party with a Country Music Hall of Fame (CMHF) performance! Enjoy ‘Music City’ the right way with three performances from some of Nashville’s top artists.
    • Richie McDonald is an award-winning country singer and songwriter and the face and voice of the band Lonestar. Writing music is his passion but singing and performing on stage are not far behind. McDonald is known for being both a great storyteller about his music and for wanting to create music that touches his audience.
    • The party continues in the main hall of the CMHF with food, drinks, and more music! Bob Fortner and Southern Jam is sure to get the party started. CMHF is one of Fortner’s favorite places to perform; he’s also performed on various TV shows (such as Nashville Now and Crook and Chase) as well as at the Grand Ole Opry. His ability to sing country favorites and connect with the audience makes him a favorite.
    • Steve Willets is a highly sought-after artist who plays piano for country music star Crystal Gayle. He will be performing in the stunning Rotunda and is known for playing a variety of musical styles such as gospel, rock, jazz, and country that wow the crowd.

Acumatica users from around the world will be attending the Acumatica Summit 2018 – we hope you are one of them! Haven’t registered yet? Don’t worry, it’s not too late to sign up today!

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3 Top Online Construction Resources for 2018

Check Out Our Top Online Construction Resources for 2018!The New Year brings new changes for many people. Between New Year’s resolutions and continual self-improvement, 2018 offers a chance for us all to improve professionally and personally. But, as the saying goes, “the more things change, the more they stay the same.” This blog is going to focus on some of the top online construction resources for 2018. These are tried and true resources that are certain to help you stay abreast of the latest construction news, connect with more industry professionals and centers of influence, and learn more about the continual developments facing the construction industry.

My Top Online Construction Resources for 2018

  1. Construction Financial Management Association (

    The Construction Financial Management Association website is a no-brainer for my selection of the top online construction resources for 2018. From industry news and advocacy to education and professional development resources, they have it all! Are you looking to get plugged in to your local construction community? Check out their calendar of events for a list of conferences and events near you. I had the pleasure of attending two separate CFMA events last year and I can honestly say that I have never met a group of more welcoming individuals!
  2. LinkedIn (

    LinkedIn is hands down the worldwide leader social media network for professionals. During the most recently reported quarter, LinkedIn had 467 million members, up from 450 million members in the preceding quarter. The network has experienced consistent growth quarter over quarter, proving that LinkedIn is here to stay! LinkedIn currently has over 15 million users listed within the construction industry. LinkedIn is a great place to connect with industry peers, start or participate in a conversation about industry hot topics, post a job opening or share information about your company.Bonus: Check out LinkedIn Groups. With over 10,000 groups dedicated to the construction industry, groups are a fantastic place to get involved in the construction community.

  3. Construction Dive (

Construction Dive is my go-to resources for the latest construction news and trends. With a mission focused on providing construction professionals with a birds-eye-view on the industry, Construction Dive provides original analysis of the top news stories throughout the day. They are also a great resource for industry events, jobs, data and more.

Bonus: Follow Construction Dive on Twitter @constructdive

Strategies Group’s Online Construction Resources

At Strategies Group we strive to provide our readers with updated resources on a month-to-month basis. We would be remiss if we didn’t mention the following resources:

  • Spectrum User Group | Want to get plugged in and become more involved with the Spectrum community? Join our Spectrum User Group set to kick-off in May 2018. This virtual user group will cover topics to help you learn more about Spectrum Construction Software.
  • Social Media | Don’t forget to follow us on social media! Subscribe to our LinkedIn page to get notices when we post blogs, articles and other industry-specific content.
  • On-Demand Webinars | We understand that your business never stops! To help, we constantly strive to provide thought leadership on the latest topics and trends facing the construction industry. Join our quarterly webcasts delivered by subject matter experts who deliver knowledge and information critical to your business. Can’t attend? No problem! All of our virtual events are recorded and available on-demand. Check out some of our past presentations!

Enjoy These Online Construction Resources

We hope you enjoy all of these online resources. Do you have any additional resources to share? Post in the comments section below!


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