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Construction CRM for Contractors: Uncompromised Business Intelligence

Construction-CRM-for-ContractorsContractors often tell us that they are seeking better ways to sync their firm’s business intelligence between their office staff and road warriors. Firms that fail to implement a mobile-friendly Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system waste time and money, lose critical project intelligence and struggle to deliver on customer expectations. It’s time to ditch outdated spreadsheets and manual processes and see how you can win more work with a mobile-friendly construction CRM system designed specifically for contractors.

Why Should I Choose a Construction CRM System Designed for Contractors?

A centralized CRM solution enables contractors to cultivate relationships and gain valuable insights into account/project management efforts. But what does this mean for your firm? Construction CRM for contractors means bringing together data from all project related data sources to provide a comprehensive real-time view of each customer or opportunity. This real-time knowledge provides your team with the metrics and data needed to make informed decisions in a quick, yet calculated manner.

What Does CRM Mean for the Key Players at My Construction Firm?

A construction CRM system benefits each member of your firm, including:

  • Business Owners | Quickly log critical information or reminders from the office or while on the road. Never lose a critical contact’s information ever again by storing contact information in one centralized location. Readily available intelligence allows your business development staff to go out and produce, and track results.
  • Project Managers | Gain a 360-degree view of your projects by combining customer information with job status updates and project financials. Doing so will help you outperform the competition and win more repeat work.
  • Construction Accountants and Controllers | Adopt an integrated construction CRM solution to help monitor the critical financial sources that impact your firm, including bids and opportunities, current jobs, marketing programs and sales opportunities. Align your accounting, project management, and CRM systems to better understand what efforts are working, and what efforts need attention.
  • Business Development and Marketing | Never miss out on an important project again! Bid tracking and management tools allow you to understand what bids are in the pipeline, when each is due, who is working on them and document the next step. Reporting tools provide you with critical insights into profitability by customer, division, territory and more.

How Does a Construction CRM System Impact Future Growth?

The answer is simple; a CRM solution designed for contractors means that as your business grows, your established contacts and relationships grow with it. It is important to not only track valuable customer data but to do so in a way that promotes sharing amongst your team. Promote growth and sharing and consider taking your customer data into the cloud with an all-in-one mobile-friendly CRM solution that consolidates all your information into an easy to access system.

Improve Business Intelligence with a Construction CRM for Contractors

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Lessons from the Atlanta I-85 Bridge Collapse: The Value of Construction Project Management Software

How the Atlanta i85 bridge collapsed proved the value of construction project management softwareAs the I-85 bridge in Atlanta, GA reopens this week we can’t help but reflect on how the contractor was able to go above and beyond to complete this complex project.  Atlanta ranks as the 8th most congested city in the world, making the collapse of one of the City’s primary corridors a crisis situation. The importance of selecting a contractor with the right construction project management software in place to manage and complete this job ahead of schedule was apparent in the incentives offered by the Georgia Department of Transportation (DOT).

Eliminating the Guess Work with Construction Project Management Software

When Georgia DOT announced that highway contractor C.W. Matthews Contracting Co. Inc. could earn up to $3.1 million in performance-based incentives for the I-85 project completion, no one believed that the milestones were attainable. How could any contractor tackle such a massive project within such a short time frame? By deploying world-class construction project management software to streamline every step of the project! Project management becomes less herding cats and more enabling professionals when utilizing the following functionality:

Success Through Collaboration | Most construction jobs require complex coordination between multiple groups and teams. Help everyone work better together with communication and collaboration tools. Complete construction project management tools provide a dashboard that gives you the ability to put real-time, important information in front of everyone on your project team. This level of visibility gives your entire team vital project measurements such as Work in Progress, Cost to Complete, Over/Under Billing and Earned Revenue.

Mobile-Friendly | When dealing with complex construction projects, the work doesn’t come to you – you go to the work! The job site is where profit is won or lost and staying connected is critical. Provide your field staff with the tools needed to record data, stay connected and access vital project information.

Unmatched Ease-of-Use | Running a successful construction business is hard work! Managing your critical business systems shouldn’t be. Your construction project management software should be designed to be as user-friendly as possible – allowing you to spend your time running your business, not figuring out how to run your software.

Active Business Intelligence | Up to date business intelligence is critical when dealing with multiple project stakeholders. To keep your projects on time and within budget you need the ability to access every data element in the system to build customized real-time project reports. Successful firms utilize workflows and alerts to turn passive reporting into actionable plans.

Empowered by the Cloud | Spectrum Construction Software users enjoy the convenience of the cloud without sacrificing security or control. With role-based pricing you pay only for the functionality you need, saving thousands of dollars over the course of each year. Empowered by Spectrum’s fully-integrated web-based document management system you can access your documents and images anywhere in the world at the click of a button.

Position Your Firm for the Next Big Project

Is your firm stuck on an outdated archaic project management system? If so it’s time for you to check out Spectrum Project Management and position yourself to win the next big construction project.

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