Posted by Randy Collins   on May 11, 2015
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Trust is an essential component to any group dynamic. Trust happens at the macro level in our society every day. We “trust” that the driver on the other side of the road careening toward us in a 3,000 pound metal missile is paying attention and not feeling particularly homicidal that morning. When we eat out, we “trust” that social norms of cleanliness and quality were observed when preparing our meal. This level of trust becomesRead More

Even Big Brown Can Let You Down

Posted by Randy Collins   on April 15, 2015
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We all mess up, heck even Big Brown messes up. My son ordered a new longboard for our spring break trip to Florida. He paid for overnight shipping so that he could make sure the board was there for our Friday departure. After two missed attempts to deliver by UPS during the week, I called to arrange a pick up at the customer service center. At 7:46 pm on Thursday evening I received a callRead More
We can often leverage lessons from our personal life to improve our business acumen. The pitfalls of professional services planning are well known, and the below story shares many of the same elements… Have you ever made plans for something in the future only to realize later that you weren’t thinking clearly during the planning stage? I am all too familiar with this feeling. In January I had some fairly major surgery that kept meRead More

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