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The Right Construction Software for Your Organizational Needs!

Why Strategies Group?

Don't just settle for any construction software -- find the right solution for your organization.Construction software has matured over the past thirty years with functionality becoming standard across software products. To better serve our clients we have teamed up with the top construction software vendors and other industry leaders to help our clients take their construction business to the next level!

The game-changing question that our clients struggle with today is…

How do we create a technology platform that incorporates not only standard job cost accounting and operation functions, but also allows for true mobile access today and the ability to take advantage of the quickly expanding technology tools for our industry tomorrow?


Over the past thirty years, the Strategies Group team has supported over 2,000 construction clients across the southeast. Our purpose during these three decades has been to help our clients find, implement and optimize the technology solutions that allow them to grow and prosper.

Our Technology Partners

The construction technology market continues to change and our team is constantly reviewing the industry’s technology offerings for both accounting and operations systems. The partners we have selected have proven themselves as extremely customer focused, providing products with deep functionality and advanced technology.

Spectrum Construction Software - Accounting and Service Management 

spectrum-construction-softwareSpectrum delivers complete business management for small & large construction companies. From construction accounting to project management, from the office to the job site, and across the entire lifecycle of construction work, Spectrum has helped thousands of clients manage and grow their contracting businesses.

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