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Spectrum Purchasing and Inventory

Spectrum Purchasing and Inventory

Spectrum Purchasing and Inventory

By streamlining all of your purchasing activities into Spectrum Purchasing and Inventory you can ensure that your project teams have the materials they need when they need them. The seamless integration of the Spectrum Purchase Order application with other Spectrum functionality provides a comprehensive and easy to use solution for your purchasing and inventory tracking needs.

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Spectrum Purchasing and Inventory Functionality Includes:

Purchasing Feature Set:

  • Create purchase orders
  • Manage open commitments
  • Update or change POs
  • Receive POs electronically from suppliers and upload directly into Spectrum
  • Receipt reconciliation

Inventory Feature Set:

  • Four types of costing – LIFO, FIFO, standard and average
  • Multiple warehouse tracking
  • Truck inventory management
  • Multiple pricing levels
  • Maintain transaction history
  • Stock reorder alerts
spectrum purchasing and inventory

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