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ERP Technology Value Matrix 2018

ERP Technology Value Matrix 2018: Acumatica ranked highest in usability for the third year in a row

With so many offerings on the market, The Nucleus Technology Value Matrix 2018 breaks things down in the business management software / ERP world.

See what vendors are delivering value to their customers and what customers and prospects can expect moving forward based on the investments vendors are making today.

Read the full report to learn more about why Acumatica was designated as a leader in the 2018 ERP Value Matrix, leading the way in usability.

“High usability and flexibility are at the center of Acumatica’s development philosophy and the vendor is looking to automate processes that it already delivers….Acumatica is bringing a host of incremental improvements to each of its vertical solutions focused on increasing customer satisfaction.”

The “ERP Technology Value Matrix 2018,” outlines:

  • Which ERP vendors are Leaders, Facilitators, Experts, or Core Providers.
  • How to find the best blend of usability and functionality for your company.
  • Which vendors are improving their capabilities—and which are falling behind.
  • Why Acumatica ranked highest in usability for the third year in a row.
  • What sets Acumatica apart from vendors such as Sage, Microsoft, and NetSuite.

This concise report will help you separate the top ERP vendors from the rest of the pack.


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