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Webinar: Construction Business Development Best Practices

Webinar: Building a Better Business through Construction Business Development Best Practices

Build a Better Business with Construction Business Development Best Practices

Understanding the competitive landscape is the key to effectively positioning your firm with prospective clients. From large to small contractors, we often hear the same concerns: It’s hard to quantify the cost of chasing work, proposal hit rates are left unknown, there is a struggle to understand what delivery methods are most successful in winning work and there is a series of underlying strategies issues facing contractors. Apply these tips and proven tactics to build a better business through construction business development best practices!

In this webinar, Bobby Darnell with Construction Market Consultants, Inc. will share 25 years of construction marketing and business development best practices contractors can utilize to create a more client-focused business.


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Schedule: 45-minute presentation | 10-minute Q&A


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