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Dexter + Chaney Unveils New Spectrum Ticketing Solution

Dexter + Chaney Unveils New Spectrum Ticketing Solution

SEATTLE, WA -  Dexter + Chaney, the leader in cloud-based construction ERP software, is pleased to announce its new Spectrum Ticketing solution as part of its comprehensive Spectrum® Construction Software suite.

Spectrum Ticketing Software

Spectrum Ticketing, first shown at this year’s World of Concrete trade show in Las Vegas, is a unified web, mobile and scale house solution for bulk material weight ticketing, providing material haulers and handlers with a cloud-based system to more efficiently and accurately manage their materials and material tickets.

“With paper-based scale ticket handling, which has been the standard in the construction industry, it can often be hard to read the tickets due to poor handwriting and/or damage to the tickets in transit. Worse, data is sometimes omitted, mistakes are made, or the tickets get lost. Plus, accounting must wait for the drivers to get the tickets back to the office to enter the information into their materials or business management software,” said Dexter + Chaney Vice President of Strategy Scott Rosenbloom.

“We developed Spectrum Ticketing to take advantage of the benefits of cloud computing and provide a materials management solution that streamlines and simplifies processes. The ability to see, in real time, your materials costs and usage, with the ability to drill down into individual trucks, orders or customers to view load tickets, will give our clients a competitive edge.”

Spectrum Ticketing Solution is completely integrated with Spectrum’s materials management and accounting solutions, as well as inventory, job costing, project management and other areas of Spectrum functionality. Spectrum Ticketing Solution’s web portal automatically updates and provides real-time data for when materials are collected and tickets are issued.

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