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Introducing Let our Construction Industry Experts Help You Build Your Best Team!

Introducing ConstructionExecs Let our Construction Industry Experts Help You Build Your Best Team!

Our clients are the lifeblood of our business. Anything that threatens the profitability of our clients in effect threatens the livelihood of everyone at Strategies Group. One of the threats that we have recognized over the years is the cost of employee turnover. It is estimated that hiring a management level employee will cost the organization between $30,000 to $50,000 mostly caused by the new employees lower productivity during job specific training, lack of company cultural awareness and cost of other company employees time used in this transition process. With an upfront cost like that, it is imperative that each new management hire be vetted for industry and technology knowledge as well as cultural fit to your organization.

This problem has bothered me for years. As we looked around the permanent staffing industry, our team noticed a shortage of companies who specialize in the construction industry. The few who claim to focus in this business are not equipped to assist their clients in training their new employees. In March of this year, we launched ConstructionExecs. With the addition of staffing industry veteran Jennifer Harris to manage this new organization, we have developed a retained service model that allows us to focus on the specific staffing needs of our clients and partner with to find the best candidate for their open position.

Our services go beyond the typical recruiting and resume vetting services offered by other recruiting firms. Because ConstructionExecs has a strategic partnership with Strategies Group, we are able to leverage our teams industry and technology knowledge to provide a more complete evaluation of the potential employee's construction related accounting and operations knowledge as well as their familiarity with the industry tools your company uses every day. We are also working on better tools to understand and document your company culture and understand the expectations of each applicant to make sure your new management team member has the same cultural values and work expectations that permeate your existing team.

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