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By utilizing our 4d™ process, we Discover, Design, Deploy and Deliver customized consulting solutions based on your unique business activities. Our 20+ years of experience in key industries including construction and real estate, distribution and commercial services has given us the technical knowledge and core business process expertise to help clients respond to today’s ever-changing business environment.

Our Business Process and Software Utilization Reviews will help:

  • Clarify your current business processes and compare them to industry best practices.
  • Provide you with a detailed roadmap for automating your processes that yield results.
  • Ensure you are utilizing your technology to its greatest potential
  • Maximize your return on your investment.

Our Technology Search and Evaluation will help:

  • Establish the criteria for your technology search including:
    • Job cost accounting software
    • Estimating software
    • Project management software
    • Scheduling software
    • Technology related services
  • Assistance in writing an RFQ for these products and services
  • Market research to help you understand the options available to you
  • Assistance in finding the technology partner that best fits your needs

Strategies Group clients receive valuable results when their existing business processes are reviewed and refined. We take a functional product and make it better by merging it with superior technology solutions. For clients looking for the best software solution, we leverage our experience and knowledge of the industry to locate optimal solutions.

Through our specialty consulting services, our clients are able to make better business decisions through more accurate information and increase customer satisfaction through improved communication.

Strategies Group is ready to help you Discover, Design, Deploy and Deliver through our specialty consulting services. Contact us today!

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