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The certified trainers at Strategies Group conduct specialized business software training through web-based sessions or at your location. Participating in a training course will ensure that your entire team is up to speed and able to implement and utilize your software solution.

Business Software Trainers

Our trainers have extensive real world knowledge of Spectrum Construction Software. Our software training sessions walk employees through step by step setup, workflow, and special features. Employees also have an opportunity to ask detailed questions about how the software works for their specific job roll and industry.  To see upcoming training classes, visit our Event calendar.

Whether you have new employees who need to learn about the software system for the very first time or you feel a refresher course for long time employees would be beneficial, a training course will help you and your employees quickly and easily understand and utilize your software solution.

Your business software solution has the potential to make processes easier, eliminate redundancies, and make necessary tasks take up less time. Training sessions can make these beneficial changes happen more quickly so you can start seeing the return on your investment.

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